3 Ways to be The Best Soccer Player

The most men in the world must have ever been playing soccer, though some of them prefer love the other sports but soccer is the most favorite sports in the game. There are lots of famous soccer players who become the role models for everybody. Soccer can be included as the hobby to some people, but sometimes soccer is being the achievement and one of the measurements of success for the people who make soccer as their target of life. This matter is usually for people who are very fond of soccer game. Soccer is not always as a sport, but you can also get another impressive things by playing soccer such as being professional athlete, famous, money, etc. If you are interested in having all of those stuffs, you must concern and learn how to be the best soccer player seriously. You can start it by practicing and training the soccer game.

3-Ways-to-be-The-Best-Soccer-Player You can make your own motivation from the well-known soccer player in the world as the role model to boost your motivation in the soccer game. For instance, if you do really like soccer, you must know the best soccer players according to your observation and opinion. Let’s say you choose Michael Ballack as the role model to motivate you in being the best soccer player. You can learn and see how training and how his playing is. After that, arrange your time to start practice and learn at this sport. Sharpening your skill is very necessary to make your dream come true if you want to be the best soccer player. In this part, there are 3 ways that you may love to learn to be the best soccer player. The important key is not always by doing the steps and ways, but you also need to have a big desire to achieve it because the success comes from the serious process that you are working on. Don’t forget to share and ask to your coach or other teammate who are more experiencing at the soccer game.

Sharpening Your Skill at the Game

In this part, if you want to sharpen your skill at your performance in the game you have to often to play soccer. You may need to rearrange your agenda to put playing soccer time to your schedule. Why is it? Because the more often you play, the greater your skill can be at soccer. In order to play the soccer game in a proper way, you have to find at least 8 persons to play with. You can ask your friends to play soccer every afternoon. Make your body is getting used to play soccer, so it will increase your creativity and initiative skill at the game.Sharpening-Your-Skill-at-the-Game

After that, there is another way that you can do to sharpen your skill at the soccer game. You may want to upgrade your skill at your performance. If you want to be the best soccer player, you have to concern how your performance is. You must try to get better in every game you play on. For instance, you can play the game faster than you used to, become faster in this part means that you gets faster in your movement of ball handling, faster in how you think to pass, shoot, and dribble the ball. If you always have a thought and set your mindset in every game you must be getting better and faster, you will have a big chance to be the best soccer player naturally.

Increase Your Foot Skill

In the second way, we are going to go further in the more significant problem. You have to concern about your foot skill because your foot has an important role at this sport. You will have dominant time in this sport by using your feet. Some soccer players are using the right or left foot only. You can try to practice both of your foot to be able in handling and dribbling the ball. This is much better if you are able to use both of your foot to dribble and handle the ball. This is very easy to sharpen your skill for both of your foot. If you get used to use your right foot to play football, try to give the ball on your left foot to get the left foot gets used to handle the ball. Do this way multiple times and it will surely work. judi online

After that, it is not enough if you only make your both feet are getting used to handle and dribble the ball, but you also need to increase your dribble ball and handle it. In order to have such a correct way to handle the ball, you have to keep your head up and focus to targeting the ball about where you are going to take this ball whether you want to pass it or dribble it by yourself. You can sharpen your skill in deceiving the opponent, practicing the movement and the tactic. The strategy to play the ball and tactic can be the best combination to sharpen your skill. Practice it more often to get the maximum result.

Get Your Body and Stamina Always Fit

In the last part here, the other important element to be the best soccer player is your own body and stamina. There is nothing but useless if you are having the best performance at this sport but you cannot play in a proper time on the game. You have to be able in playing the game for about 90 minutes for the maximum time. It is divided into 45 minutes. You have to increase your stamina and your body’s quality. For example, you can train your own cardio at gym or running. The best soccer player is the one who is always able to play for 2 half.Get-Your-Body-and-Stamina-Always-Fit

Rearrange your training schedule to go to the gym to train your muscle and cardio because having a fit body is very necessary in this sport. Then, you can also do the other thing such as sprinting. You can upgrade your speed performance at the game by sprinting, and it would give the best impaction if you are getting used to sprint.

How to Kick the Ball Correctly

Many people love playing football. In fact, it is one of the most popular and familiar sports that has been played by many people around the globe. Basically, football is played by kicking the ball. You can kick the ball to pass, to dribble, and to shoot the ball in order to score a goal. The way you kick the ball will determine how the ball will run. When you kick the ball correctly, the ball will head to position that you expect. It will head to the wrong the position when you kick the ball incorrectly. Problem in kicking the ball has become one of the most common problems faced by many players. It is not only experienced by the beginner, but the professional players might also get some difficulties in kicking the ball. Besides influencing the direction, incorrect kicking technique can also influence the whole team process. Even worse, it can lead your team to the defeat. Therefore, technique in kicking the ball is very important to be regularly trained. When you have mastered the techniques, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to train. Without regular training, your kicking skill will not developed. There some basic things that should be considered and some techniques of kicking the ball can be easily and effectively followed by the players.

Things to Consider

In kicking the ball, there are some things that need to be considered. First is the purpose of kicking the ball. You can kick the ball to pass, to dribble, and to shoot. The way you kick the ball for each purpose will be quite different. For example, the way you kick the ball for passing and shooting will be different.

Second is the food part that you will use to kick the ball. It is also connected with the purpose of kicking the ball. The food parts that you will use also determine how the ball will head to the purpose. It can stay in the ground or it can be lifted.

When you want to pass the ball, you need more accuracy. In order to increase accuracy, you need to use inside foot. You can use inside foot to shoot the ball to the goal. However, it will really depend of how powerful your shot are and how far your targets are. When you have powerful shot, you can use inside foot to shoot outside the box. However, when you don’t have powerful shot, you might think to use inside foot to shoot inside the box or use other parts of food that are more suitable.

When you want to dribble the ball, it is better you kick the ball with the tip of your feet. You can have more freedom to move your foot, accelerate and make some maneuvers. However, you need to manage the power, so the way will not run too far from you.

When you want to kick the ball make shot, you can use many different foot parts such as inside, outside, knuckle of the toe, laces of food, and toe. Each different part has its characteristic. You need to choose the most suitable part in the suitable condition as well.

The third thing that should be considered is how far your direction is. It is related to the power that you will use to kick the ball. When your direction is quite far from you, you need to kick the ball powerfully. However, when it is close, you should decrease the power. Adjusting the power of your kick can be quite tricky and frustrating. It can be experienced by many players, even the professional players. You need to train a lot in order to calculate accurately the power that you will use.

Technique in Shooting the Ball

Shooting is one of the most important purposes in kicking the ball and in football. By shooting the ball correctly and accurately, you can score a goal. Conversely, you can miss the target when you shoot the ball incorrectly. In creating good shot, you need to use the correct technique. Some techniques have been developed to help you. However, still, you need to experience them by yourself, choose the most suitable technique or you might develop your own technique. There are some basic steps that you can follow when you want to shot the ball. The steps are arranged in sequence from the beginning until you kick the ball.


First, you need to take some steps backward, 2-3 step. By taking some step, you are preparing to make a shot. In this step, you also need to determine your standing position based on which foot that you will use to kick. For right foot, you need to take a position on the left of the ball. While for the left foot, you need to take a position on the right of the ball. (Click here to learn how to increase your endurance and speed in soccer)

Second, you need to determine in which direction the ball will head to. However, you need to be sure and with no doubt. Once you have the direction, you need to stick to that direction. Ensure that you don’t look at the direction to long because the keeper can easily recognize it.

Third, you need to focus on the ball. You need to determine in which part of the ball, you will kick it. It will determine how the ball will head to the direction. When you kick the bottom of the ball, the ball will be lifted. When you kick the top of the ball, the ground will stay on the ground. It also depends on what type of shot that you expect to have. Therefore, you need to really be sure about the part of the ball that you will kick.

Next, when you are ready to make a shot, you need to step forward by jogging. The moment you get closer to the ball you need put your place foot (non kicking foot) in the correct position. Commonly, it will be one step before the ball. The place foot aims to create momentum which can increase power and accuracy.

After that, you need to bring back the kicking leg. How far you bring back the kicking leg will determine the power that you will create. This step commonly is followed by angling your body. After that you can swing your kicking leg to kick the ball exactly in the position that you have determined before. The whole process will run so fast, so you need to train yourself regularly in order to make you think and act faster.

Tips in Increasing Endurance and Speed in Football

Football: Overview

Football is one of the most popular game or sport that played by many people around the word. Basically, football is played by two teams against each other and played by kicking the ball with foot to score a goal. Each team consists of eleven players. Additionally, there are some other players that will substitute player. Each team will work together to score a goal and prevent the opposite team to score a game. In each team, there are some positions that functioned differently. Basically, there are three basic positions in each team: back, middle, and forward. Players that play in the back aim to prevent the opposite team to score a goal. Players that play in the middle aim to run transition or connect between back and forward players. Players that play in the forward aim to attack the other team and score a goal.


Football is played in a football field which is specially designed for the game.  It is a rectangular field which has about 90m-120m length and 45-90 width. On the field there will be some lines that function as the boundary. Basically, the field will be divided into two parts. Each part belongs to each team. In each part, there will be one goalpost that belongs to each team.

The Importance of Endurance and Speed

In playing football, there are some skills that should be mastered by each player such as dribbling skill, passing skill, heading skill, shooting skill and other skills. By mastering those skills, you can easily manage the ball and also help the team to score a goal. Besides mastering skill, some physical factors such as endurance and speed also are also very important to be possessed by each player. agen sbobet terpercaya

Mostly, endurance means how you can manage and maintain your energy that you use. Generally, in football, each player will play 90 minutes. Due to the field dimension, you will move a lot and mostly, you will run. That condition will require a good endurance. Without good endurance, you will easily run out of energy and it will influence your performance and might also influence team’s performance.

Speed is also one of important factor in football. In Football, running is also one of the most frequent activities in football. You run when you are dribbling the ball, catching up the ball, and sprinting with other players. By having good speed, you can move faster and control the game. By running fast, you can also easily catch up the ball and score the goal.

Endurance and speed is two factors that connected each other. Being faster but only temporary is less effective. You need to maintain your speed.  In order to maintain your speed during the game, you need a good endurance.  By having a good endurance, you will not easily run out your energy when you are running during the game.

Increasing Endurance and Speed

Level of endurance and speed in football is different from other activities. You need to work hard to increase endurance and speed in football.  Endurance and speed are not gifts that belong to every person. In fact, when you have already had good endurance and speed but you don’t maintain it, you absolutely will lose your endurance and speed.

In increasing endurance, basically, you need to push yourself beyond the expected factors. In football, sometime you will sprint at least as far as 100 meter. When you only train yourself to run as far as 100m, it will not increase your endurance. When you need to run 100 meter, you need to push yourself to run beyond that far, such as 200 or 300 meter. You need to make your body accustomed to the condition. When you can maintain your endurance for running 200 meter, running 100 meter will no longer problem for you.


There are many types of training or work out that aim to increase your endurance and make you a great football player. Mostly, each type of training for increasing endurance will require drill and repetition. In drill and repetition, you are trained to use the power several times and in the different conditions. By using your energy several times, you push your body to be accustomed to the condition. It will effectively increase your endurance.

In increasing speed in football, basically, you also need to push yourself to create a new condition for your body to run. Running in football will be different with running in athletic. In football, you need to run with dribbling the ball. You don’t only focus on your running, but also to the ball.  You need to manage your energy to run and control the ball.

There are some factors that can be done to increase your running speed. The first factor is leg strength. When you run, mostly, you will use your leg muscle. Basically, the more powerful your leg muscles are the more speed that can be produced. Therefore, you need to train your leg muscles. There are many exercises that are designed to increase the leg muscles power. Besides running, you can put some weight to your leg to train your leg muscles. You can go to gym and find many tools that can be used to increase your leg muscle.

The second factor is contraction speed. After you get the muscle strength, you need also to train your muscle to contract faster. When you muscles can contract faster, you can produce more speed. In order to contract your muscle faster, you need to find the suitable exercise. Sprint training in a short distance that is repeated several times can be very effective to improve your ability to contract your muscle faster.

Another factor that you should consider is your running technique. By having the proper running technique you can accelerate easily to get your top speed. In the training you need to be aware the way you run such as leaning your body forward, pushing the ground forward not up, and other techniques.

How To Be A Great Football Players – Learn These Tips

If you want to know how to be a great football player, this may be very useful for you. As we know, football is the most popular sport in this world, nobody doesn’t know football. When we watch a football match, we always see professional football players in the green yard. Here, we know that they have skills and healthy body. But, do you know how to be like a professional football player? There are some things that you have to do to become a great football player. Here, we are going to share you some information about what should you do and consume.


Nowdays, a football player is not considered as a great player if they can’t show a great performance. On the green yard, a player has to run whether it is to attack or to defense. However, you may have no idea how they can be like that. There is no secret which they hide from us. So, what is it? It is just about how to maintain health and body condition. Which means, there are some things that we have to do if we want to be like a professional football player. Yep, you can implement the tips which we are going to share with you below.

Build your endurance

When we talk about endurance, it must be about a strength. Again, football requires us to run. If we don’t run, we will get nothing. So, to get a great endurance, you have to build your strength. Here, you are suggested to do some things which can improve your strength like doing exercises or workouts. Here, you can go jogging, running, walking, and sprinting to get a good endurance. But, make sure that you have determined an interval training in your program. This means, you need to involve the training which has low and high intensities of activity.

On the other hand, you need to improve your strength to be able to get more energy, faster recovery, good injury resistance, faster metabolism, and greater spirit. You don’t have to be like an American football player, yet you have to be strong enough to keep your ball from your opponent. If you want to know about the things which you have to do, those are; push up, squat, dip, lunges, and step up. Here, you can do all of those exercises in your home. But, if you have a leisure time, you can go to the gym. So, improve your relative strength, not absolute strength.

Increase your speed and agility

It is one the basic things which you should do if you want to be a great football player. You may think that increasing speed and agility can be done by improving strength, but it is completely different. Here, it is about how to be fast and agile. So, even though you have great endurance and strength, it will not be complete if your speed and agility are bad. For example, you may already experience how to chase the ball in a match game. Then, you feel difficult to steal the ball from your enemy. Yep, it is because your enemy has a good speed and agility.


So, what we can say here is, endurance and strength is not enough. If you can’t steal the ball from your enemies, you are useless. Besides, when you watch a football match, you can see the football players that have small body postures. But, look at them. They can compete with football players who have strong endurance. Why? Because they are agile enough to pass their stronger enemies. To increase your speed and agility, you can do a programmed sprint training. For example, you need to reach 30 yards in just around 5 seconds. The point is, make an improvisation.

Improve your dexterity

This is a thing which will complete your ability to be a great football player. Yep, it is about maintaining your body condition to show a good performance. It is also beneficial when you are going to get on the green yard. You may have known that all great football players will do some passive stretchings before the match begins. It has a strong reason which will affect your performance. What is it? Doing stretching will lower your risk of getting injured. So, if you want to avoid bad things happen when the match begins, you must do some exercises which can improve your dexterity.

Here, you can do the exercises such as butt kicks, high knees, arm circles, and bodyweight squats. Besides, it is not the exercises which are usually done in a gym. In this case, the purposes of doing exercises are different. If you gain your mass in a gym, here you will maintain your body condition to get a good performance in the green yard. When we talk about what kind of exercises should be taken, you should do bent knee crunches, straight leg crunches, scoops, and throw downs.

Is there any thing which should I look at?

Of course, there is another thing which you should take a concern. What is it? It is about the foods which enter your body. If you haven’t known about this, foods will affect your performance on the green yard. So, if you consume foods which have bad nutrients, it is inevitable that you will get bad performance. Here, you have to underline the word of “nutrients”. Yep, when the nutrients you get from foods are right and proper, you will get a lot of energy. Besides, foods will improve your recovery, endurance, and even your mood.

This means, it becomes an important thing which should be followed by a sport player – especially if you want to be a great football player like Cristiano Ronaldo. You may already know that foods can provide energy to your daily activities. But, it doesn’t mean that you need to consume the same foods when you are going to play soccer. Again, you need to consume right foods. You need to consume the foods which contain carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, minerals, fibers, fats, and water as well. However, there is an important thing which you should put on the first. It is a calorie. Here, make sure that your body get the right amount of calories.