How To Be A Great Football Players – Learn These Tips

If you want to know how to be a great football player, this may be very useful for you. As we know, football is the most popular sport in this world, nobody doesn’t know football. When we watch a football match, we always see professional football players in the green yard. Here, we know that they have skills and healthy body. But, do you know how to be like a professional football player? There are some things that you have to do to become a great football player. Here, we are going to share you some information about what should you do and consume.


Nowdays, a football player is not considered as a great player if they can’t show a great performance. On the green yard, a player has to run whether it is to attack or to defense. However, you may have no idea how they can be like that. There is no secret which they hide from us. So, what is it? It is just about how to maintain health and body condition. Which means, there are some things that we have to do if we want to be like a professional football player. Yep, you can implement the tips which we are going to share with you below.

Build your endurance

When we talk about endurance, it must be about a strength. Again, football requires us to run. If we don’t run, we will get nothing. So, to get a great endurance, you have to build your strength. Here, you are suggested to do some things which can improve your strength like doing exercises or workouts. Here, you can go jogging, running, walking, and sprinting to get a good endurance. But, make sure that you have determined an interval training in your program. This means, you need to involve the training which has low and high intensities of activity.

On the other hand, you need to improve your strength to be able to get more energy, faster recovery, good injury resistance, faster metabolism, and greater spirit. You don’t have to be like an American football player, yet you have to be strong enough to keep your ball from your opponent. If you want to know about the things which you have to do, those are; push up, squat, dip, lunges, and step up. Here, you can do all of those exercises in your home. But, if you have a leisure time, you can go to the gym. So, improve your relative strength, not absolute strength.

Increase your speed and agility

It is one the basic things which you should do if you want to be a great football player. You may think that increasing speed and agility can be done by improving strength, but it is completely different. Here, it is about how to be fast and agile. So, even though you have great endurance and strength, it will not be complete if your speed and agility are bad. For example, you may already experience how to chase the ball in a match game. Then, you feel difficult to steal the ball from your enemy. Yep, it is because your enemy has a good speed and agility.


So, what we can say here is, endurance and strength is not enough. If you can’t steal the ball from your enemies, you are useless. Besides, when you watch a football match, you can see the football players that have small body postures. But, look at them. They can compete with football players who have strong endurance. Why? Because they are agile enough to pass their stronger enemies. To increase your speed and agility, you can do a programmed sprint training. For example, you need to reach 30 yards in just around 5 seconds. The point is, make an improvisation.

Improve your dexterity

This is a thing which will complete your ability to be a great football player. Yep, it is about maintaining your body condition to show a good performance. It is also beneficial when you are going to get on the green yard. You may have known that all great football players will do some passive stretchings before the match begins. It has a strong reason which will affect your performance. What is it? Doing stretching will lower your risk of getting injured. So, if you want to avoid bad things happen when the match begins, you must do some exercises which can improve your dexterity.

Here, you can do the exercises such as butt kicks, high knees, arm circles, and bodyweight squats. Besides, it is not the exercises which are usually done in a gym. In this case, the purposes of doing exercises are different. If you gain your mass in a gym, here you will maintain your body condition to get a good performance in the green yard. When we talk about what kind of exercises should be taken, you should do bent knee crunches, straight leg crunches, scoops, and throw downs.

Is there any thing which should I look at?

Of course, there is another thing which you should take a concern. What is it? It is about the foods which enter your body. If you haven’t known about this, foods will affect your performance on the green yard. So, if you consume foods which have bad nutrients, it is inevitable that you will get bad performance. Here, you have to underline the word of “nutrients”. Yep, when the nutrients you get from foods are right and proper, you will get a lot of energy. Besides, foods will improve your recovery, endurance, and even your mood.

This means, it becomes an important thing which should be followed by a sport player – especially if you want to be a great football player like Cristiano Ronaldo. You may already know that foods can provide energy to your daily activities. But, it doesn’t mean that you need to consume the same foods when you are going to play soccer. Again, you need to consume right foods. You need to consume the foods which contain carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, minerals, fibers, fats, and water as well. However, there is an important thing which you should put on the first. It is a calorie. Here, make sure that your body get the right amount of calories.

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