How to Kick the Ball Correctly

Many people love playing football. In fact, it is one of the most popular and familiar sports that has been played by many people around the globe. Basically, football is played by kicking the ball. You can kick the ball to pass, to dribble, and to shoot the ball in order to score a goal. The way you kick the ball will determine how the ball will run. When you kick the ball correctly, the ball will head to position that you expect. It will head to the wrong the position when you kick the ball incorrectly. Problem in kicking the ball has become one of the most common problems faced by many players. It is not only experienced by the beginner, but the professional players might also get some difficulties in kicking the ball. Besides influencing the direction, incorrect kicking technique can also influence the whole team process. Even worse, it can lead your team to the defeat. Therefore, technique in kicking the ball is very important to be regularly trained. When you have mastered the techniques, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to train. Without regular training, your kicking skill will not developed. There some basic things that should be considered and some techniques of kicking the ball can be easily and effectively followed by the players.

Things to Consider

In kicking the ball, there are some things that need to be considered. First is the purpose of kicking the ball. You can kick the ball to pass, to dribble, and to shoot. The way you kick the ball for each purpose will be quite different. For example, the way you kick the ball for passing and shooting will be different.

Second is the food part that you will use to kick the ball. It is also connected with the purpose of kicking the ball. The food parts that you will use also determine how the ball will head to the purpose. It can stay in the ground or it can be lifted.

When you want to pass the ball, you need more accuracy. In order to increase accuracy, you need to use inside foot. You can use inside foot to shoot the ball to the goal. However, it will really depend of how powerful your shot are and how far your targets are. When you have powerful shot, you can use inside foot to shoot outside the box. However, when you don’t have powerful shot, you might think to use inside foot to shoot inside the box or use other parts of food that are more suitable.

When you want to dribble the ball, it is better you kick the ball with the tip of your feet. You can have more freedom to move your foot, accelerate and make some maneuvers. However, you need to manage the power, so the way will not run too far from you.

When you want to kick the ball make shot, you can use many different foot parts such as inside, outside, knuckle of the toe, laces of food, and toe. Each different part has its characteristic. You need to choose the most suitable part in the suitable condition as well.

The third thing that should be considered is how far your direction is. It is related to the power that you will use to kick the ball. When your direction is quite far from you, you need to kick the ball powerfully. However, when it is close, you should decrease the power. Adjusting the power of your kick can be quite tricky and frustrating. It can be experienced by many players, even the professional players. You need to train a lot in order to calculate accurately the power that you will use.

Technique in Shooting the Ball

Shooting is one of the most important purposes in kicking the ball and in football. By shooting the ball correctly and accurately, you can score a goal. Conversely, you can miss the target when you shoot the ball incorrectly. In creating good shot, you need to use the correct technique. Some techniques have been developed to help you. However, still, you need to experience them by yourself, choose the most suitable technique or you might develop your own technique. There are some basic steps that you can follow when you want to shot the ball. The steps are arranged in sequence from the beginning until you kick the ball.


First, you need to take some steps backward, 2-3 step. By taking some step, you are preparing to make a shot. In this step, you also need to determine your standing position based on which foot that you will use to kick. For right foot, you need to take a position on the left of the ball. While for the left foot, you need to take a position on the right of the ball. (Click here to learn how to increase your endurance and speed in soccer)

Second, you need to determine in which direction the ball will head to. However, you need to be sure and with no doubt. Once you have the direction, you need to stick to that direction. Ensure that you don’t look at the direction to long because the keeper can easily recognize it.

Third, you need to focus on the ball. You need to determine in which part of the ball, you will kick it. It will determine how the ball will head to the direction. When you kick the bottom of the ball, the ball will be lifted. When you kick the top of the ball, the ground will stay on the ground. It also depends on what type of shot that you expect to have. Therefore, you need to really be sure about the part of the ball that you will kick.

Next, when you are ready to make a shot, you need to step forward by jogging. The moment you get closer to the ball you need put your place foot (non kicking foot) in the correct position. Commonly, it will be one step before the ball. The place foot aims to create momentum which can increase power and accuracy.

After that, you need to bring back the kicking leg. How far you bring back the kicking leg will determine the power that you will create. This step commonly is followed by angling your body. After that you can swing your kicking leg to kick the ball exactly in the position that you have determined before. The whole process will run so fast, so you need to train yourself regularly in order to make you think and act faster.

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