Tips in Increasing Endurance and Speed in Football

Football: Overview

Football is one of the most popular game or sport that played by many people around the word. Basically, football is played by two teams against each other and played by kicking the ball with foot to score a goal. Each team consists of eleven players. Additionally, there are some other players that will substitute player. Each team will work together to score a goal and prevent the opposite team to score a game. In each team, there are some positions that functioned differently. Basically, there are three basic positions in each team: back, middle, and forward. Players that play in the back aim to prevent the opposite team to score a goal. Players that play in the middle aim to run transition or connect between back and forward players. Players that play in the forward aim to attack the other team and score a goal.


Football is played in a football field which is specially designed for the game.  It is a rectangular field which has about 90m-120m length and 45-90 width. On the field there will be some lines that function as the boundary. Basically, the field will be divided into two parts. Each part belongs to each team. In each part, there will be one goalpost that belongs to each team.

The Importance of Endurance and Speed

In playing football, there are some skills that should be mastered by each player such as dribbling skill, passing skill, heading skill, shooting skill and other skills. By mastering those skills, you can easily manage the ball and also help the team to score a goal. Besides mastering skill, some physical factors such as endurance and speed also are also very important to be possessed by each player. agen sbobet terpercaya

Mostly, endurance means how you can manage and maintain your energy that you use. Generally, in football, each player will play 90 minutes. Due to the field dimension, you will move a lot and mostly, you will run. That condition will require a good endurance. Without good endurance, you will easily run out of energy and it will influence your performance and might also influence team’s performance.

Speed is also one of important factor in football. In Football, running is also one of the most frequent activities in football. You run when you are dribbling the ball, catching up the ball, and sprinting with other players. By having good speed, you can move faster and control the game. By running fast, you can also easily catch up the ball and score the goal.

Endurance and speed is two factors that connected each other. Being faster but only temporary is less effective. You need to maintain your speed.  In order to maintain your speed during the game, you need a good endurance.  By having a good endurance, you will not easily run out your energy when you are running during the game.

Increasing Endurance and Speed

Level of endurance and speed in football is different from other activities. You need to work hard to increase endurance and speed in football.  Endurance and speed are not gifts that belong to every person. In fact, when you have already had good endurance and speed but you don’t maintain it, you absolutely will lose your endurance and speed.

In increasing endurance, basically, you need to push yourself beyond the expected factors. In football, sometime you will sprint at least as far as 100 meter. When you only train yourself to run as far as 100m, it will not increase your endurance. When you need to run 100 meter, you need to push yourself to run beyond that far, such as 200 or 300 meter. You need to make your body accustomed to the condition. When you can maintain your endurance for running 200 meter, running 100 meter will no longer problem for you.


There are many types of training or work out that aim to increase your endurance and make you a great football player. Mostly, each type of training for increasing endurance will require drill and repetition. In drill and repetition, you are trained to use the power several times and in the different conditions. By using your energy several times, you push your body to be accustomed to the condition. It will effectively increase your endurance.

In increasing speed in football, basically, you also need to push yourself to create a new condition for your body to run. Running in football will be different with running in athletic. In football, you need to run with dribbling the ball. You don’t only focus on your running, but also to the ball.  You need to manage your energy to run and control the ball.

There are some factors that can be done to increase your running speed. The first factor is leg strength. When you run, mostly, you will use your leg muscle. Basically, the more powerful your leg muscles are the more speed that can be produced. Therefore, you need to train your leg muscles. There are many exercises that are designed to increase the leg muscles power. Besides running, you can put some weight to your leg to train your leg muscles. You can go to gym and find many tools that can be used to increase your leg muscle.

The second factor is contraction speed. After you get the muscle strength, you need also to train your muscle to contract faster. When you muscles can contract faster, you can produce more speed. In order to contract your muscle faster, you need to find the suitable exercise. Sprint training in a short distance that is repeated several times can be very effective to improve your ability to contract your muscle faster.

Another factor that you should consider is your running technique. By having the proper running technique you can accelerate easily to get your top speed. In the training you need to be aware the way you run such as leaning your body forward, pushing the ground forward not up, and other techniques.

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